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Transcription Services

Our Transcription Services include Literary, Textbook Formats, Nemeth, Chemistry, Computer and UEB Technical braille. We provide English Braille American Edition (EBAE) or Unified English Braille (UEB) transcriptions. We have years of exeperience brailling college level science, technology, engineering and math textbooks and materials. Since our inception we have been acknowledged as a company that provides high quality braille with some of the fastest turnaround times in the nation.

Our staff of certified braille transcribers and proofreaders hold certifications in the following fields:

Our experienced staff of transcribers and proofreaders will utilize their years of experience and the latest industry tools to transcribe your text materials in accordance with industry standards. If you have special needs we will do everything possible to accomodate you.

Please note, that you do not need to become a member to order our Transcription Services.

All rates listed below are negotiable and will be based upon the level of complexity involved in the translation of your materials. The per page prices listed include text conversion, braille trascription, proofreading by a second person, an embossed copy of the braille, and/or a digital file (upon request).

Service List:

Braille Transcription

Our braille transcription services are not limited to the reproduction of books and textbooks. We will transcribe restaurant menus, cards, forms, documents, manuals, etc. Prices are negotiable in cases where the materials require limited formatting and manual labor.

Literary or Textbook Formatted Braille $5.00 Per Page
Nemeth Braille $6.00 Per Page
UEB Technical Braille $6.00 Per Page
Computer Braille $7.00 Per Page
Chemistry Braille $7.00 Per Page


We proofread Literary, Nemeth, Chemistry, and Computer braille materials. Our Proofreaders will provide you with a detailed error sheet listing the specific errors and the applicable braille rules.

Proofreading $2.00 Per Page

Tactile Graphics

We provide high quality Tiger or collage style tactile graphics. Graphic masters or thermoform copies will be provided upon request.
(Tactile Graphics Pricing is determined by the complexity, quantity, and resources used to produce the graphics)

Tactile Graphics $8.00-25.00 per graphic
Thermoforming $ 1.50 per page


We will emboss your braille in either single sided or interpoint braille and professionally bind the finished product.

Embossing $ 1.00 Per Page
Binding $5.00 Per Volume

Digital Braille Files

We will create your braille files in any of the supported digital file formats.

Price Per CD $1.00
Price Per DVD $1.50

Supported Formats

  • .abt
  • .acn
  • .bfn
  • .bfm
  • .bml
  • .brf
  • .brl
  • .dxb

Training and Workshops

Ever wish that all of your staff could have attended one of our workshops? We now offer personalized training at your place of business. You can request one of our workshops or tell us what your staff needs help with and we will build a customized workshop for you. We can provide training on the braille codes, automation of the production processes, and tactile graphics.

Half-Day Workshop (4 Hours) $1250.00
One-Day Workshop (8 Hours) $2500.00

Cost for Travel Expenses is required in addtion to the prices listed above for long distance travel and/or overnight stays.